Do not panic over Jio's fake bill
Do not panic over Jio's fake billIBTimes India/Sami Khan

Reliance Jio SIM cards are in great demand and people who have waited to get one can vouch for it. After failing to get the free Jio SIM, which offers unlimited internet and HD calls free till December 31, from Reliance Digital, Xpress and Xpress Mini stores due to extreme demand, we managed to get our hands on one Jio SIM from a local store for a premium of Rs 300.

While Jio SIM cards are being offered for free from Reliance stores, some local dealers are offering them at a premium amount. This cuts off the long queues and activation struggles that users are complaining about. On Monday evening, we approached a local dealer for a Jio SIM and to our surprise, got it working within two hours.

First of all, the dealer, who wasn't a part of the Reliance Digital stream, carried a tiny e-KYC authentication machine to instantly verify new customers. The e-KYC facility makes the verification hassle-free, without any need to fill out any form, submit photos, or a copy of ID and address proofs.

The process of getting a Jio SIM begins with the validation of the Jio SIM card coupon, which can be generated using MyJio app. Then, customer must submit Aadhaar card for verification and place a finger on the e-KYC machine to retrieve information that will match the provided Aadhaar card. While it was a bit tricky to get the fingerprints in one-go, it took less than 10 minutes to complete the verification.

After verification is complete, the Jio SIM card will require activation. We waited for about an hour and inserted the SIM card in the primary slot of the 4G-enabled smartphone. When we tried calling 1977 for verification, we found the SIM card was already activated and the internet and calling services worked without a hitch.

The Jio 4G data settings were automatically configured and we were good to go in less than two hours. Clearly, the overall experience of getting the Jio SIM from e-KYC was seamless. Although we paid a premium of Rs 300 for the Jio SIM, we encourage customers to go through the official channels and get the free Jio SIM from Reliance Digital. But if you are willing, paying the extra amount upfront will save you a lot of time.

Using this Jio SIM, we will be testing the Jio 4G and calling network over the next few days. While the porting facility is still not available on Jio, customers must get a new SIM card to enjoy the free services.