New Reliance JioFi 2 comes with Jio Preview Offer at Rs. 1,999
New Reliance JioFi 2 comes with Jio Preview Offer at Rs. 1, screenshot

Reliance has silently launched a new hotspot device, succeeding the current JioFi model, with a larger battery and a notable redesign. The JioFi 2 is available in Reliance Digital, Xpress and Xpress Mini stores in select cities across India, and retails at the same price as the original JioFi at Rs. 1,999.

Reliance JioFi 2 isn't listed on the company's official website like its predecessor, but surfaced online after a Twitter user shared photos of the new device online. By the looks of it, everything from the packaging to the way how it looks is largely changed in the JioFi 2. It comes in a cylindrical packing as compared to the square box of the original JioFi.

The new JioFi 2 is bigger and sports a square shape with a matte finish, while the JioFi had a tiny oval shaped glossy shell. But the biggest change, as we can see it, is the OLED display embedded within the JioFi 2 to show notifications such as power status, battery life and Wi-Fi signal strength. The increase in size is due to the larger battery packed inside the JioFi 2, which measures 2,600mAh as compared to JioFi's 2,300mAh unit.

According to its maker, the new JioFi 2 device is said to last 5 hours, which is comparably less than the 6 hours on the original JioFi. Also, the number of devices it can connect simultaneously has been reduced to ten, whereas the original JioFi could support up to 31 but recommended only ten for optimum user experience.

Reliance JioFi lets you connect not just 4G devices, but also 3G phones via its hotspot network, which gives users the luxury to enjoy Jio services without upgrading the current smartphone. Users can download JioJoin app to make HD calls for free and everything users with Jio SIM cards get.

At Rs. 1,999, the upgraded JioFi 2 is certainly a steal. The hotspot gear comes with Jio's Welcome Offer, giving unlimited data, calls and SMS to users until December 31. Reliance Jio hasn't cleared, but the same plans are expected to be applied for JioFi devices starting January 1, 2017.