A relative of Aarushi Singh, the Indian woman who died last Thursday, 20 August, in a scuba accident at Dubai's Jumeirah Beach, blamed the diving institute for her death.

"How can an institute send one instructor with four amateurs?" the woman's uncle Prateek Singh, a resident of Dubai, told Gulf News.

Aarushi arrived in Dubai on 15 August to spend time with her uncle's family. The 24-year-old woman was joined by her father Paresh Singh on 18 August.

The whole family had initially planned to go to Fujairah for scuba diving, Prateek said. "No one had the time to drive to Fujairah. So we decided to do the sport here. The father and daughter had gone for the class along with her cousin, and three others. Aarushi asked her father to get drinking water from a mall as she said she would need water as soon as she come out," he said.

Paresh Singh who returned with a bottle of water, found an ambulance at the beach and paramedics trying to revive his daughter. A doctor in the medical team confirmed Aarushi dead.

"Despite the water at the beach being just three to four metres deep, this incident happened because it might have taken a while to locate a drowning person with such poor visibility," Prateek added.

Aarushi, who is described as "bubbly, enthusiastic and affectionate", was studying to be a chartered accountant, and was the only daughter of Paresh and Neeta Singh.