Princess Diana

Diana, the Princess of Wales, had died following a car crash in 1997. The unexpected death has been a hot topic for debate among conspiracy theorists for many years, and now a four-year-old Australian boy named Billy Campbell has again brought the name of Diana into the limelight.

David Campbell, an Australian television anchor and the father of Billy, recently disclosed some bizarre claims about his son. As per David, Billy knows nothing about the British Royal Family, but at the age of two, he pointed at a picture of Diana and said, "Look, it is me, when I was a Princess."

Shockingly, at one point in time, Billy informed his parents that he had a brother named John. It should be noted that the name of Diana's brother was John. He had died before the Princess' birth. The Australian kid even mentioned Prince Harry and Prince William as his 'boys', reports.

"It started when someone gave my wife Lisa, a card with Lady Diana on it. He started to refer to his two 'boys'. When asked what boys, our then three-year-old would say his 'sons'. Ok... strange, but sure, mate. To a Scottish friend of ours, he claimed when he was Princess Diana he used to go to a castle in that kilted wonderland. He described the castle as having 'unicorns on it' and was called Balmoral. The unicorn is the national animal of Scotland and there are unicorns on the walls, how does he know this?" said David Campbell.

Interestingly, Billy even remembers the fatal car crash that killed Princess Diana.

"Lisa showed him another photo of Diana. Billy said: 'There's me as a princess. Then one day the sirens came and I wasn't a princess anymore'," added David Campbell.

David is still wondering whether his son is actually the reincarnation of Diana, and if not, how he is telling all these incidents with mind-blowing accuracy.