Following Season 3 Episode 8, The CW's "Reign" has gone on its mid-season hiatus, leaving us all to wonder how Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Catherine (Megan Follows) will face the aftermath of Don Carlos' (Mark Ghanimé) accident.

The eventful episode that was "The Hound and the Hare" saw Don Carlos revealing his darkest secret to Mary, only to be left shameful and embarrassed. He had revealed to Mary that he is a masochist and was willing to settle down with a woman who would give him pain.

Mary, as we know, is a gentle woman and was hesitant to cause him any physical pain. She therefore seeks the guidance of Catherine (Megan Follows), who as we saw, got cheated out of regency by Narcisse (Craig Parker). Catherine is adamant that France needs the alliance of Spain and insists on pleasing Don Carlos by whatever means required.

In the end, Mary agrees to please Don Carlos, but only if he is blindfolded. Catherine then joins them in the bedroom and does the flogging on the Spanish Royalty, as Mary talks dirty to him. However, Don Carlos realises that Mary is not alone, and rips his blindfold apart, and runs out of the room embarrassed and angry.

However, he trips as he tries to flee, and tumbles down with a piece of his sex horse sticking out of his neck. The accident also cracks his skull open and there is blood everywhere. To nobody's surprise, Spain is coming for the matriarchs to avenge the "accident".

It is up to Mary and Catherine to decide whether they want to run and seem guilty for Don Carlos' fate, or to stay and face the consequences of their actions. While the best bet for Mary is to save herself, her absence would give Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) yet another opportunity to strike.

The English Queen's spy Gideon (Ben Guerens) is after all, still in the French court and is trying to woo Mary. In the previous episode, we saw them in a romcom-esque scenario, where Mary hurts her leg, and Gideon begrudgingly carried her all the way from the woods to the court. Although they have a begrudging friendship on the surface, it looks like they will in fact kiss in the upcoming "Our Undoing".

It does seem very naïve of Mary to fall in love so soon, especially with someone who is sent by Elizabeth to seduce her. However, fans are hoping that Mary too is playing a con on the English ambassador, and is using him to spy on Elizabeth.

The truth of the matter will be revealed only on Friday, 8 January, when "Reign" Season 3 Episode 9 "Our Undoing" will be released. Until then, do not forget to check back here for "Reign" updates, spoilers and fan theories.