Refold, portable cardboard desk
Refold, the portable cardboard deskKickstarter/Refold

The standing desks of the 18th and 19th centuries have come back in style owing to purported health benefits of standing over sitting. But why stop there? That's what the New Zealand designers who created Refold asked themselves. The cardboard standing desk is "flexible, foldable, portable, affordable & 100% recyclable", the makers claim and promise that it will change the way you work.

The standing desks, designed by Fraser Callaway, Oliver Ward and Matt Innes, can support the weight of an adult, despite weighing only 6.5 kg and can be folded into a sitting position, or a portfolio-like form, according to their Kickstarter page.

Refold, portable cardboard desk
Refold desks can be folded into a sitting position, or a portfolio-like formKickstarter/Refold

The product is so flexible and compatible, and could be used in offices, schools, creative studios, events, or even mobile offices and disaster relief, the makers say. "The desk is yours to decide how it can work for you."

The desk, made from fully recyclable 7 mm (0.3 in) twin-cushion kraft cardboard, is available in small, medium and large sizes of 1,000 mm (39 in), 1,050 mm (41 in) and 1,100 mm (43 in) in height and are suitable for individuals up to 160 cm (63 in) tall, 160-185 cm (63-73 in) and 185 cm (73 in) or over respectively.

Watch the video below where Refold's creators explain the unique desk at TEDxWellington.

A Kickstarter campaign in the name of Refold is also working to raise funds for the production of more of these kind of desks. Interested parties can pledge any amount starting from NZ $160 (US$126) to receive one of these multi-purpose cardboard boxes.

Refold has also collaborated with UNICEF New Zealand, allowing individuals to pledge one or more parts of a desk to a school in the Pacific Islands or send a complete desk to the school while you also get one of your own.

Refold has been the recipient of many awards this year, including the Red Dot Award 2014 for Education, Experience, Design and Social Responsibility, Experience Design; Highly Commended Award from the ECC NZ Student Craft/Design Awards 2014; and Best Design Awards 2014 for Sustainable Product Design and Student Graphic.