Reema Bajaj
Indian origin lawyer Reema Bajaj [YouTube Screenshot]

Reema Bajaj, a 27-year-old Indian origin lawyer in Illinois, US, who pleaded guilty to prostitution last year, has filed a lawsuit against her three lawyers including her former defense lawyer for distributing pictures of her naked self. 

Bajaj in her complaint said her former lawyer Timothy Johnson, former prosecutor Calvin Campbell and a lawyer mentioned in her complaint only as John Doe had circulated images of a sexual nature involving Bajaj.

She alleged that the lawyers gave the private photos to the public along with unflattering news articles making it hard for her to find new clients.

Bajaj in her lawsuit said she is suffering from emotional distress, anger, grief, embarrassment and humiliation. Illinois-based newspaper Daily Chronicle posted Bajaj's lawsuit online.

According to the newspaper, Bajaj is seeking more than $50,000 from the three lawyers for causing emotional distress and financial damage.

In 2011, Bajaj was charged with three counts - two misdemeanours and one felony. She hired Johnson as her lawyer to defend her case. In June 2011, she pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of prostitution. She was sentenced to 50 hours of community service and was fined $2,500.

"I am probably one of the few attorneys who knows what it feels like to be accused and in need of help. This action will only make me stronger and better able to understand what my clients are going through," Bajaj posted on her website in 2011 before it was taken down.

Johnson, while working as Bajaj's attorney, received a discovery file from the DeKalb County State's Attorney's office, which contained her photographs. According to the lawsuit, Johnson distributed copies of the photos to third parties who were not related to Bajaj's case.

The complaint also accuses John Doe, who was supervised by Campbell, for distributing copies of newspaper articles related to Bajaj's case to the public and her clients.