Pretty Little Liars
Pretty Little LiarsInstagram/Marlene King

Executive Producer Marlene King recently revealed a spoiler regarding the season 6 mid-season finale, saying Red Coat will make her final appearance in episode 10 entitled "Game Over, Charles."

Red Coat has been missing in action for a while, but she will make her final appearance in episode 10, which is also the episode where Charles' true identity will be revealed.

Although Red Coat's identity has not been revealed yet, there have been rumours that it could be Alison's friend CeCe. And if this rumour turned out to be true, then CeCe Drake will be back in "Game Over, Charles," and she could somehow have a hand in A's game.

Besides CeCe, Alison also has donned the red coat in order to distract A.

Meanwhile, fans have been speculating that Charles DiLaurentis could really be CeCe Drake. "C.D. = Charles Dilaurentis or it can be Cece Drake?" one fan questioned King on Instagram.

"I Kinda feel like cece is Charles red coat or black veil cause she definitely one of those," another opined.

Fans have also come out with a number of theories to prove that CeCe could have been the one wreaking havoc in the Liars' life all this while.

One theory on ThePLLTheorist's Tumblr page states: "In 2x25, CeCe made her first appearance at the Masquerade Ball by wearing a long red dress and covering her face with a golden sun mask. At the end of the episode, CeCe visits Mona in Radley as Red Coat and steals the game from her officially. Season 3 is when CeCe really moved back to Rosewood, which is why we see 'A' in the 'A' endings moving into an apartment and buying things."

"Pretty Little Liars" will air its 10th episode of the season on 11 August, and the episode will finally unmask A. Executive Producer King also revealed that fans will find out the members of the A-team by the end of the episode.

"Pretty Little Liars" will be aired on Tuesdays on ABC Family.