Microsoft is geared up to launch its most anticipated operating system Windows 10 in a few hours from now. All the Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users will be upgraded to Windows 10 starting 29 July.

But wait, Microsoft is going to charge you a licence fee worth Rs 9,500 after a year. The Windows 10 will be launched in seven editions focusing consumption requirement of a user. For example, Windows 10 Home will be available for home users, while Windows 10 Pro will focus on the enterprise consumers.

Recovering the reputation after the mixed performance of Windows 8, Microsoft has worked really hard to make it the most successful product of the company. Here are a few points that proves why they are quite close to a ground-breaking success.

Welcome Start Menu Back

Numerous Windows users still prefer Windows 7 instead of Windows 8 or 8.1 due to the Start button, which organises all the applications and tools, helping the user to find everything with a single click.

Power of Eco System

Android and Macintosh aka Apple OS X/ iOS are the two biggest examples of how building an ecosystem ensures the popularity of the operating system. Though Microsoft learned it few years back, they are seriously implementing it with the latest Windows 10.

So after the upgrade, the entire Windows running device will come powered by the same operating system irrespective of the platform. So a user will run the same operating system on Windows-driven smartphone, PC, laptop and even HoloLens.

Cortana Assistance
The voice assistant app of Windows, Cortana, will be pre-installed with Windows 10 that will help users to search for anything through voice. The Cortana is an Apple Siri-like feature and will help you to set reminders, check new updates, ask questions, get jokes and a lot more.

Action Center

The Windows 10 operating system will come with Action Center pre-installed that will show you system-wise notifications on the upper right corner of the taskbar to tell you whether you received an email or a Facebook notification. There will be quick action buttons too for managing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity and more.

DirectX 12

Windows 10 will also come with DirectX 12 support for impressing the gamers. The DirectX 12 utilizes the CPU in a more organised style resulting in huge performance impact over the DirectX 11.