EXO member D.O. during the premiere of Korean film Cart.Facebook/EXO-K

Young Korean heartthrob and EXO member Do Kyung-soo a.k.a D.O. is among those Kpop idols who maintain a good relationship with fans. He manages to take some time out for them from his hectic schedule.

Recently, a Japanese admirer of the 23-year-old singer was lucky enough to make eye contact with him during his visit in the country. The person was overwhelmed with his kind gesture and praised him for his down-to earth behaviour.

"He did not seem like the super star at Tokyo Dome but a very nice person in real life," wrote the follower of Korean entertainer on Twitter while sharing her experience.

The young admirer even stated that the Hello Monster actor nodded towards her as a sign of acknowledgement during their encounter. She went on to say that he made her day and left an ever lasting impression on her.

The D.O. fan concluded her message by humorously comparing him with his BFF Kim Woo Bin. She stated that the two remind her of a father-child relationship mainly because of their drastic height differences, according to Koreaboo.

The young Korean heartthrob was recently under criticism for not returning to South Korea even after EXO wrapped up its concert tour in Japan. Several Kpop fans speculated that he is planning to leave the boy band for pursing an acting career.

Although SM Entertainment is yet to respond to the recent buzz, some of the persistent followers of the Korean entertainer gathered evidence from his past interviews to reassure that he will not make an exit from the music group.