Sam L Wright

He co-owns Organic Clients Agency, and claims he created world-class brands through robust social media, branding and digital services.

Sam L Wright says he is amongst the top names that have been creating a lot of buzz lately for the gutsy decisions he has taken in his life so far, which has thrust him forward in the branding field.

It would be hard to believe, but he says he had started working when he was a teenager and that helped him co-own his branding agency called Organic Clients Agency in the UK, which, just like its name, helps people and their businesses achieve organic clients and skyrocket their business and credibility to an altogether another level.

As a 20-year-old, He says he has gone beyond the boundaries and has sparkled as a bright young star in the entrepreneurial world like no other his age. Below, he shares what he believes has made him succeed in the competitive branding niche.

• Being a learner: He says that right from the beginning, he made sure to learn something new each day as he knew that gaining new experiences in life and increasing his knowledge through that can help him excel unbelievably in his endeavour. He kept learning and kept shining with his branding agency.

• Being committed: He says has truly committed and devoted himself to his goals in life, which includes making people and their brands successful and helping them achieve feats like they never imagined before. This commitment has helped him stay on track and even face the challenges like a passionate and driven entrepreneur.

• Being in love with work: If people work with passion in heart, no obstacle can ever be big enough to pose as a hurdle, he believes. It was his passion and love for the digital space that took him deeper into the branding niche and helped him achieve amazing success.

Sam advises youngsters to first read 'The Slight Edge,' a book by Jeff Olson that explains that people must make imperfect action and just do it. They must figure out what moves the needle and do that consistently. He also suggests them to do what makes them uncomfortable as that will allow them to grow.