Doughnut UFO
YouTube: UFOmania

A bizarre video apparently shot in Ireland and released online by conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'UFOmania' is now the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and extraterrestrial enthusiasts. The video shows a luminescent UFO, in the shape of a doughnut hovering across the night skies, and at the first glance, it literally looks otherworldly.

A doughnut in the skies?

The strange object in the skies seems static, and at no point in time, it makes any manoeuvres in the atmosphere. In the initial moments of the footage, the unidentified flying object spotted in the skies looked spherical in shape, but when the camera gets zoomed in, the real shape of the UFO becomes evident.

The video has been now submitted to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), and their team is now apparently checking the authenticity of the video.

Alien spaceship or manipulated hoax?

The video uploaded by 'UFOmania' soon became viral on online space, and most people who watched the video argued that alien life is a reality, and extraterrestrials from deep space have been visiting the earth for many years.

Some of these people believe that aliens from deep space are very advanced, and they have all kinds of multifarious vehicles in different shapes; triangular flying saucers, cigar-shaped flying objects, and now these doughnut flying crafts.

"I guess the aliens have as many vehicle options as we humans do on earth. If we repeatedly saw one or two different types of craft I might buy into some of the sightings but with thousands of different shapes and lighting configurations, I find it hard to believe. Don't get me wrong...I know intelligent life far more advanced than we exist.....I just don't have proof," commented pushrod49, a YouTube user.

However, sceptics have already classified this video as a manipulated hoax. As per these people, the object spotted in the video could be either the trick of the lens or a computer power button shot in darkness. Some other sceptics argued that the doughnut shape of the UFO indicates this object is actually a night vision security camera.

"I can tell you exactly what it is. It is a security camera with night vision. I know because I have taken photos of one in 2014 while incredibly stoned, thinking it was a UFO," commented Rowan The First, another YouTuber.