Thousands of migrant workers gathered outside Mumbai's Bandra West railway station on Tuesday evening as they wanted to return to their hometowns and unite with their family in this crisis situation.

All social media platforms had pictures and videos about the Bandra incident which showed people in a massive gathering near the Bandra station.

There were reports about a local news channel showing that special trains have started departing from Mumbai. No such notification was issued by the Indian Railways. Later, the same channel made the breaking news of people collecting at Bandra. According to Times Now, the man responsible for spreading rumours that caused the chaos has been identified as NCP leader Vinay Dubey.

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Real reason behind Mumbai chaos

There were some asking that is this the real reason behind Mumbai lockdown defiance. Now, the question arises that why did the migrants go to the Bandra station and not to the bus station? What came to their mind or is it that they knew that they had to go to the railway station.

Mumbai chaos
Mumbai chaos

In Delhi, the migrants had gathered near the state borders when the lockdown was announced and no one went to the Delhi railway station.

Reports clearly stated that there was a rumour about trains resuming and probably these people bought that. The migrants had stated that they were not ready for the extension of the lockdown. These people have no money left and they entirely depend on the free meals being distributed as charity and by the Govt.

Migrant workers
Migrant workers

Most of them don't have places to sleep or bathe or even defecate and do it in open posing a threat not only to their health but also others.

There were also rumours that free ration was being distributed, which made things go out of control for the police, which finally resorted to lathi charge.

PM Modi had addressed the nation at 10 am on Tuesday and he had announced a lockdown extension, however, stating that areas and regions that adhere to the lockdown fully and report a decrease in the number of cases will eventually see some relaxation in the lockdown from April 20 and daily wage earners will also see things moving so that they could carry on with their work for which the govt will issue detailed guidelines tomorrow.