Geeta, the 23-year-old deaf-mute woman who crossed into Pakistan more than ten years ago returned to India on Monday. 

Geeta arrived in Delhi at around 10.30 am on Monday on a Pakistan International Airlines flight from Karachi.

Geeta had landed up at the Lahore railway station on the Samjhauta Express when she was only a child of seven or eight years and was taken in by a Pakistan charity, Edhi Foundation.

Her story grabbed headlines in recent months due to the uncanny similarity with the Bollywood film Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The Salman Khan-starrer showed a young deaf-mute Pakistani girl stranded in India who is taken back to her country to reunite with her family. 

While Geeta has recognised her family in India through a photograph, there will be DNA tests done to confirm the lineage. 

About four different families reportedly claimed that Geeta was their daughter. She has reportedly recognised a family from Bihar.

If the DNA tests do not match, Geeta will be housed at a care home in Delhi till Indian authorities locate her family. 

Janardhan Mahto, who is said to be Geeta's father, told NDTV that Geeta was the family's first child Heera who had gone missing in a fair in Jalandhar, Punjab, in 2004. 

Pakistan high commissioner Abdul Basit is set to host Geeta and her family on Monday evening. 

Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj tweeted 'Welcome home our daughter' and met Geeta at the MEA office.