Mehak Dhawan
Mehak Dhawan

In this Pandemic, you would have seen many shows on television and scroll many pages on social media pages, and in the past three months, you might have realized that cooking is in. It is becoming a hot topic right now in India.

With a small screen, the blogosphere is also on the rise in India; we find many success stories of food bloggers that are doing pretty well like established celebrities around.

No matter how big the readership, how specific subject matter, we feel all top-rated food bloggers share some common traits. These bloggers are reaching new highs due to their online success. Yes, today we will talk about a girl who is growing and making a special place in people's hearts with her food blog, named Mehak Dhawan.

Moving around hotels, mohalla's best places with yummy food around, she scent first and gives us the place to eat some spicy, delicious, sweet food. Mehak Dhawan has become a brand that is helping all the food lovers get places to eat.

We spotted some great qualities of India's food blogger Mehak Dhawan which we feel is giving the name on social media platforms.

1) Selecting the right dishes

For every food blogger, it is essential to understand what you are serving to them. In every video and pictures, you will see Mehak Dhawan explains about how the dish is and how it is made. Taking photographs and not telling the story rightly about the recipe is not a good option.

2) Strong in Storytelling.

You might not be right in cooking, but you should be good at storytelling. Mehak Dhawan's post comes with the details of the plate, where it is served, and also tells the best quality of the dish.

Posting things skillfully, in an entertaining manner is helping her bring more readers and video watchers on her blogs #foodiesince96 and social media page.

3) Using all the Social Media Platforms

If you want to be a successful food blogger or anything in life, then you must switch on to the handiest tool, which is Social media. It is a non-negotiable portion of a blogger's artifice.

If you see Mehak Dhawan's popularity is high based on social media platforms like Instagram, where she has more than 253k followers. Her every post is viral in a short time all thanks to Instagram and other social media platforms that she uses.

She is highly active and knows the importance of it, so she has built her website, page, and updates daily with her fans.

4) You should be good at Photography and videos as a Food Blogger.

Presentation plays an essential role for every food blogger, and Mehak videography Plating up the dish with right lights has helped grab more fan following too.

5) Remain Active

The most important thing about a blogger is that he/she has to remain active all the time. The past few months were not suitable for all the food bloggers as Pandemic didn't allow them to go out and give fresh content and dishes. But at this time also Mahek was very active with her community which is over 253k. She understands that people will not follow you if you are not active.

Food blogging is now a competitive field success can never be guaranteed. But by taking tips from expert food bloggers like Mehak Dhawan who have excelled, you'll unquestionably be leading yourself in the top direction.