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The ongoing crisis over the recently enancted Citizenship Act 2019 is deepening day by day. Whether it is common public or celebrities, no one is untouched by the recent amendment. Celebrities including Swara Bhaskar, Zeeshan Ayub among others have already shown dissent against government. And now veteran actor Raza Murad has joined the bandwagon calling CAA discriminatory.

While he maintained that he holds no grudges against the law but stated that it should be equal to all. "In our constitution, every citizen has equal right. But my point is that this law is against our constitution. You cannot treat anyone in the name of religion," India Today quoted Raza Murad as saying.

Raza points out Adnan Sami's citizenship

Putting his opinion upfront, Raza also questioned the Indian citizenship granted to former Pakistani national and singer Adnan Sami. He added, "Did you give citizenship to Adnan Sami or not? Is he a Muslim or not? He is a Muslim. He was resident of Pakistan."

Raza further stated that Adnan got citizenship even though "his father was in the Pakistan Air Force and he dropped bombs on India in the 1965 war."

"I have no objection to Adnan Sami's citizenship. I only object that you are keeping only one community apart and you are showing that they are different. Government should give citizenship to anyone irrespective of religion," he said.

In the wake of protest that have rocked the nation, the veteran actor also urged the government to roll back the act.

"It has often happened that when the budget has been presented and citizens have felt that some things are being taxed more, they have been rollbacked. Prices have been rollbacked, tax percentage has also been rolled back. In such a situation, the government should consider to roll back the Citizenship Amendment Act," Raza explained.

Adnan hits back

While Raza might have no enmity towards the singer, his barb doesn't seem to have resonated well with Adnan who then shared a hard hitting rejoinder on Twitter. "I thought that this guy was a villain & talked crap only in Movies!!" the singer wrote.

Adnan Sami tweet

Adnan got Indian citizenship in 2016. He has been facing the wrath of many Pakistani nationals too earlier. He received the Indian citizenship four years ago in 2016. He had applied for the same back in May 2015.