Ray Donovan has been honoured with five Emmy nominations this year
Ray Donovan has been honoured with five Emmy nominations this yearFacebook/Ray Donovan

Season 4 episode 5 of "Ray Donovan" will see a road trip featuring Ray (Liev Schreiber), Mickey (Jon Voight) and Little Bill Primm (Ted Levine), who are all driven by one mission, which is to make some quick money. Mickey is miffed about his former business partners swindling all the heist money from him, and he entices Ray into joining on the mission to get it back.

As fans saw in the previously aired Season 4 episode 4 of "Ray Donovan," Mickey returned to LA under the pretext of seeing his newborn granddaughter. However, as always Mickey had an ulterior motive, which in this case was to coerce his sons into helping him get the heist money back. From the promo for "Get Even Before Leavin,'" it looks like Ray and Mickey are going to get into trouble with the law during their quest.

In spite of everything else that is going on in the Donovan world, it looks like this road trip will be the primary storyline for Season 4 episode 5. The official synopsis for the episode reads: "Mickey, Primm and Ray go on a road trip to recover stolen money."

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However, there is an underlying story of Bunchy (Dash Mihok) and Teresa (Alyssa Diaz), which is quite touching. In the promo for the upcoming episode the new mother is heard telling her husband, "Last night I wanted to take a pair of scissors and stab you... Then me... Then the baby." A disturbing shot from the video suggests that Teresa may do something drastic to the baby or herself in "Get Even Before Leavin.'"

Meanwhile, Abby's (Paula Malcomson) struggle against mortality continues, even as Ray tries to put the thoughts of his wife's death aside for the sake of the rest of his family. He needs to pay Ed Cochran (Hank Azaria) and he needs to do it fast. With his former blackmail plan effectively shut down, Ray's choices were limited, and at this point, the best he can do is work with Ed, a former agent with dirt on almost everyone.

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