Sundays have not been as exciting as it used to be, for the "Ray Donovan" fans, since 27 September, when the Season 3 finale of the Showtime show aired. Although we know that the network has renewed the show for Season 4, we do not have a fixed date on when the premiere is, and what awaits Ray when it does premiere.

Taking in to account the last couple of seasons of 'Ray Donovan", we assume that the upcoming will also premiere in the second week of July, most possibly, 10 July 2016 or 17 July 2016, both of which are Sundays. Seeing as last season was an emotional roller coaster for Ray, we believe that there will be a lot of growth in his character.

He will show a desire to face his own past, much like his younger brother Bunchy (Dash Mihok) who is the only Donovan brother to remotely come close to a normal family life. He will be seen facing his tumultuous past head-on, longing for the same, but in doing so, he will also be lead into a new form of relationship that opens his life –personally and professionally. It might even lead him to a new city.

A new relationship does not necessarily mean romantic, but it still made us curious about Paige (Katie Holmes). Is Paige even returning for Season 4, now that the Finneys have served their purpose in the story?

Any Paige-Ray shippers need not worry, because according to show runner David Hollander's interview with The Hollywood Reporter, "I'm never finished with anybody... I love those actors and characters." So, in all probability she may return, when it is relevant to Ray's story.

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