Ravikesh Vatsa

There's something special about music that people can resonate with. Along with the melodious tunes, it is the lyrics that make one fall in love with the essence of music. Garnering everyone's attention with his songs, Ravikesh Vatsa is among the promising singers in today's time. He released his song 'Ameer Dost' last month on his official YouTube channel.

While the song has been getting good response from everyone, it has already clocked more than 3.8 million views on YouTube. This was his fourth song after songs like 'Kuch Raatein', '#DohLog', and 'Pagla'. Apart from singing 'Ameer Dost', he also wrote the song's lyrics with music composer Pankaj Raathod. The song is produced by Vibhas, and is available across different music streaming platforms.

Many think that he became a writer after honing his skills as a singer. But his journey as a lyricist was at par with his singing journey. He says, "My professional life is shaped by thoughts, words, and musical melodies. What I think is what I bring on paper and express it through my voice. I developed this habit during school when I performed at different events. Music has been my passion since then."

Besides this, his latest song 'Ameer Dost' throws light on how a friend's behaviour changes after they gain success. Hailing from Bihar, he has envisioned making his voice reach across India. For the same, the singer is leaving no stone unturned. When asked about his journey of being a writer and a singer, he stated that he loves to focus on one thing at a time. "You cannot do ten things at one go and expect to be an expert. I improved my skills simultaneously and made sure that my work reaches the target audience", he added.

After having four tracks to his credit, the singer is optimistic to work with the leading music companies and record labels. On a concluding note, the singer expressed that he would want his music to reach maximum people across the country.