Crazy Star Ravichandran is back with "Apoorva," which is being released on May 27. It is a special movie for his fans as it comes just three days before his birthday (May 30).

Ravichandran is leaving no stone unturned to make it a talk of the town, and is heavily promoting his latest movie. The Crazy Star is giving a lot of interviews and appearing on TV shows to talk about "Apoorva," which is very close to his heart.

Ravichandran wishes to recreate the "Premaloka" era with his latest film "Apoorva." He is very confident about his Kannada film and says that he wants the movie to be enjoyed by all age groups and not just by the youth.

The actor has spent ample time on the making of "Apoorva." Every sequence in the film has been carefully shot and the director-actor is said to have locked in the final copy of the film after editing it 18 times.

The Kannada film has already drawn his fans' attention with its songs. Also, Ravichandran's one-liners, which are seen in the promotional material, have impressed the viewers with their philosophical undertone.

"Life is a cinema. Watch it to know yourself," reads a quote in a promotional material of "Apoorva." In another poster, a line said, "Time to see myself with no mirrors, but all my errors."

"Life is a small canvas. You paint it, or others will paint it black," Ravichandran had revealed yet another one-liner on a talk show recently. There are many such quotes with philosophical undercurrents in the Kannada film, says the actor.

"Apoorva" tells the story of a 19-year-old girl who falls in love with a 61-year-old man. The movie is entirely shot in a lift where romance blossoms between the two. The other attractions of the film are popular stars like Sudeep, Prakash Raj and P Ravishankar, who have lent their voices for special roles in the movie.