After raising his voice against the Bollywood's drug trafficking in the parliament and facing a heavy backlash by the film industry, BJP MP and actor Ravi Kishan has been provided with the Y-plus category security following threat to his life.

The prominent Bhojpuri actor claimed that he has received many life-threatening calls and messages and needs security from the goons.

ravi kishan gets y-plus security

Ravi Kishan has become the second actor after Kangana Ranaut to get Y-plus category security from the BJP government. Thanking Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister for the same, Ravi Kishan turned towards social media and posted a heartfelt message for the CM Yogi Adityanath.

He wrote, 'Your Excellency Mr Maharaj, I, my family and the people of my Lok Sabha are indebted to you and thank you for the y + security you have provided me in view of my safety. My voice will always resonate in parliament.'

Check out the full post here:

Netizens baffled over Ravi Kishan and CM Yogi

Though Ravi Kishan and his family can be seen celebrating the news, the netizens are quite upset with the actor and calling out the government for being 'hypocrite' and 'ignorant'. In the wake of recent Hathras Rape Case in Uttar Pradesh, netizens are furious over the Yogi government for providing special security to an actor whereas girls are being raped and killed brutally in the state.

Bashing the actor and the UP government on Ravi Kishan's post, one of the Twitterati wrote, "Unfortunately, same suraksha was not there for 2 hapless girls raped and killed by criminals. Pl discard security in the national interest and have 1 with fantastic salary MPs get",

while another tweet read, "You have got security, sir, but when will the women in the state get security? After Hathras, another abusive crime has come to light in Balrampur. Such incidents are happening in the coming days. #hangrapist #JusticeForHathrasVictim #JusticeForBalrampurVictim."

Ravi Kishan brutally trolled on Twitter, have a look:

ravi kishan
ravi kishan gets y-plus security
ravi kishan gets y-plus security
ravi kishan gets y-plus security

Bollywood actors and Y-plus category security

Kangana Ranaut

Before Ravi Kishan, queen of Bollywood Kangana Ranaut received the Y-plus category security during her visit to Mumbai, after her heated argument with Shiv Sena's Sanjay Raut. Kangana claimed that her life is in threat in Mumbai as she has spoken against the 'Bollywood Mafias'. Kangana was heavily trolled by the netizens and Bollywood celebs for getting unnecessary security and considering Mumbai as a terrorist state.

Payal and Anurag Kashyap

Actress Payal Ghosh, who recently shared her #MeToo story against the filmmaker Anurag Kashyap also asked for special security from the government, allegedly claiming that her life is in danger. In her story, she revealed that she has been sexually assaulted and raped by Kashyap in 2013 at his house and demanded strict actions against the director. FIR against Anurag has been registered and Mumbai Police is looking into the matter.