Ratchasan.PR Handout

Kollywood seems to be making good movies all of a sudden. In matter of a week, Mani Ratnam's Chekka Chivantha Vaanam and Vijay Sethupathi's 96 have won unanimous positive reviews. Now, one more movie has joined the list which comes as a good news for the cine-goers.

Vishnu Vishal's Ratchasan (Ratsasan) had a special show for the media persons from where the movie has garnered highly-positive reviews. The content and the performance have been hailed by the critics. The technical aspects have enhanced the quality of the flick.

Ratsasan is directed by Ramkumar of Mundasupatti fame. If his first movie was a fun ride, this flick is contrastingly different from his earlier work. Ratchasan is about an unravelling of a murder mystery.

Arun Kumar (Vishal) is an aspiring filmmaker, who turns a cop due to the pressure from his family. He faces several challenges the moment he joins the police department following a gruesome murder. For a mystery murder thriller script, the cop has made a lot of research and this helps him in this profession as he realises that a serial killer is at work.  What happens next should be seen on-screen.

Critics have declared that Ratchasan is a taut thriller with blood-curdling moments abound. The investigation story gives an edge-of-the-seat experience to the viewers with a strong performance from Vishal. Check out the tweets of those who had the privilege to watch the film in advance:

bladeshankar: Many times have felt y dont we have a thriller masterpiece like Sir Alfred Hitchcock's #pshyco.now i hv the answer. "#Ratchasan"..never ever miss it in theatres.whatta performance @vishnuuvishal brilliant @dir_ramkumar @GhibranOfficial #breathtakingmusic #BereadyforRatchasan

Rajasekar: #Ratsasan - 4/5 Riveting stuff. Best Psycho crime thriller ever made in Tamil cinema. Impeccable score by @GhibranOfficial, out of the world . Best film in @vishnuuvishal career. Kudos @dir_ramkumar
#Ratsasan first half - A well researched psycho crime thriller which is super engaging so far. @vishnuuvishal looks confident and sharp as a brilliant cop. @GhibranOfficial once again shines with his impressive background score

Prashanth Rangaswamy: #Ratsasan - If you want a World class thriller in tamil language - Please book your tickets. You will beam with pride knowing that a tamil director has a made a movie of this quality. After watching the movie - You will be afraid even seeing a gift box.
Bro @vishnuuvishal - tamil cinema must be proud to have a hero like you. You have just stuck to the role and have literally lived it! I think this is your initial phase, wanting to see more such master pieces with you in the lead!! #Ratsasan

Sidhu: #Ratsasan: Jaw dropping. A hugely engaging ride that keeps on surprising you with it's amazing twists and turns. Film of the year so far for me. Blown away.
#Ratsasan: Two pillars of the film are definitely @vishnuuvishal who comes up with his career-best act and @GhibranOfficial who nails in an enriched background score. Confident work overall!

Surendhar MK: #Ratsasan: BEST psycho-crime thriller in Kollywood. Book your tickets. Strongly recommended. Blood-curdling moments abound! @vishnuuvishal, @Amala_ams, @GhibranOfficial, @dir_ramkumar - You've a winner in hand!

Haricharan Pudipeddi: #Ratsasan 4 stars. Works effectively as a no-holds-barred psychological thriller and I'm really glad it sets a new benchmark in this space. Doesn't take any diversions to needlessly please audiences. Earnest performance from @vishnuuvishal. @GhibranOfficial's score is top class

Ramesh Bala: #Ratsasan [4/5]: A World-class Thriller in Tamil Cinema.. Well-written, Taut and an Edge of the seat thriller..
@vishnuuvishal as the investigative Cop, has given his best performance till date.. An Emotional and Powerful performance..
@Amala_ams is like fresh of breath air..
#Ratsasan [4/5]: @GhibranOfficial is another hero of the movie.. It's his BGM that elevates the move to an another level..
The Psycho Crime Thriller needs an excellent music work and he delivers it perfectly..
At 2hrs 32mins, it's very engaging.. Editor #SanLokesh is fabulous!

aashish dhan: Ratsasan is more of an experience than a movie! And it is one hell of an experience!!! The hardwork and dedication of the team is truly translated on screen! Hats off to the entire team. Please do watch it in theatres. @vishnuuvishal @GhibranOfficial #Ratsasan #RatsasanFromOct5

Sathish Kumar: #Ratsasan A Must Watch movie for Crime Thriller movie fans. An edge of the seat psycho thriller with wonderful script & screenplay by @dir_ramkumar , extraordinary music by @GhibranOfficial , nice cuts by @Sanlokesh & good cinematography.