Raqqa's rebel
Raqqa's rebelTwitter/Video screenshot

A new video reportedly from the Syrian city of Raqqa shows several women defying Isis' compulsory-veil (niqab) rule and chanting anti-Isis slogans in protest.

Raqqa is the de-facto capital of the Islamic State and the defiance video has shocked several social media users. The Sunni militants, who practise the strictest form of Sharia, has stoned several women on unproved charges of adultery.

In the video, a small group of protesters are initially seen chanting anti-Assad slogans while restoring a Christian Cross lying on the ground.

The video then shows several young Syrian women, defying the compulsory veil, and joining the protest rally. The group consisting of young men, women and children are heard chanting: "Go on Daesh get out of Raqqa! Daesh get out of Raqqa." Daesh is the Arabic name of Isis.

In another part of the video, a woman addressing Isis says: "You're not Muslims. I'm a Muslim, we are all real Muslims!" The group is then seen going through the busy parts of the city chanting, "United. United. The Syria People are United."

Later as the group reaches an Isis command post, where a girl in blue dress, as young as 10, speaks to the camera - "My dad's been imprisoned for a month already. They call themselves Muslims. My dad was the one who freed Raqqa. Where were they then?"

The girl almost cries as she says, "I miss him a lot, Please release him." The young girl is seen beseeching a group of Isis men wearing masks, through a locked gate, believed to be an Isis prison, to release her father. 

The video is part of the France24's special bulletin, Exclusive: Raqqa's rebel, which will be aired on Saturday, 21 March.

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Anna Ahronheim ‏@AAhronheim 

The side of #Raqqa that noone sees. Women protest without niqabs to show that aren't afraid of #ISIS. 

Carib Damascus ‏@DamascusCarib 

RT borzou: Imagine bravery of Raqqa, #Syria people, tearing off niqabs & protesting in streets vs ISIS