A man accused of being gay, was thrown down from the building by ISIS.
A man accused of being gay, was thrown down from the building by ISIS.ISIS Media

The Islamic State (Isis) militants have reportedly thrown a man down from a high-rise in Raqqa as punishment for the crime of being a 'homosexual.' This is the second such instance in the Syrian city. 

Syrian activists groups claim that the man, accused of being 'gay' by Isis, was tried by the Sharia court that ordered for his execution. The image posted by Isis on social media shows a young blind-folded man who is then flung down from a high-rise, which appears to be a tower.

UK-based activist group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in a statement said that it was aware of the execution of the young man in al-Tabaqa area in Raqqa, where Isis jihadists threw the man off a tower.

The young man reportedly survived the fall, following which he was stoned to death by the Isis fighters, SOHR reported. 

The exact date of the execution however could not be confirmed. 

This is the second time that Isis fighters have thrown a man accused of 'homosexuality' down from a building. In February, photo released by Isis showed an elderly man seated on a chair, blindfolded and then pushed down from a high-rise building in Tal Abyad.

He too survived the fall, but was then stoned to death.

In January, Isis executed two 'gay' men in Mosul, Iraq by throwing them down from a high tower.