Rapper Soulja Boy has been arrested for violating probation. He will be held behind bars without being granted bail.

As per a report on TMZ, the 28-year-old rapper appeared in front of a judge in a Los Angeles courtroom, who ruled that he had violated his probation with respect to the ammunition charges. The 'Crank That' rapper's home was raided back in February to investigate a claim that suggested that he had kidnapped and assaulted his then-girlfriend. The police did find weapons and ammunition in his house which led to a judgement stating that he is supposed to complete community service.

Another report on The Blast states that the judge on Thursday, further added that he violated his probation and allegedly tried to fabricate evidence that would prove that he completed the mandatory community service that he was previously sentenced. Soulja was arrested back in March for violating parole that stemmed from the ammunition raid. However, he was released shortly as a date for the next hearing was set. He is currently being held without bail and will remain behind the bars until the next hearing takes place. The Blast reports that the date for the next hearing has been scheduled for April 30.

Soulja Boy
Soulja Boy's Instagram postInstagram

Originally, Soulja's probation case comes from his 2014 arrest where he was caught carrying a loaded gun in public. The same was reported on USA Today which further stated how his probation was extended in 2016 when he allegedly violated it after being found in possession of yet another weapon. So far Soulja or his representative have not responded to the probation violation. The last Instagram post by him was 12 hours ago where he shared a single to support Hammon Time. He further captioned the picture as "Lil bro @hammontime just dropped his debut single! Go fuck with it."

Soulja Boy's last post before being arrestedInstagram

Soulja Boy has been involved in a lot of controversies starting from allegedly kidnapping one of his exes to violating parole and probation. He has had quite a notorious past and continues to do the same even now. Well, he will be in the lock-up until April 30 so no more notoriety until then is all we can assume.