In a shocking turn of events, Rapper Benzino was shot  while he was on his way to pay tribute to his mother. The rapper's mother Mary Scott passed away on March 20.

According to Police statement, Benzino got strangled in a family feud, which unexpectedly turned violent. The shooting took place during the funeral procession.

Further reports suggest that the unfortunate incident took place at the southbound lane of Route 3 outside of Boston.

The Duxbury Fire Department released an official statement saying the Rapper Benzino whose real name is Raymond Scott, was dropped off at a police station with a gunshot wound and was later taken to South Shore Hospital.

Apparently, things have been ugly between the Rapper and his nephew.

According to Father William Williams, shooting of Benzino came to fore when the hearse carrying Benzino's mother casket came out smeared in blood.

"I said to one of the guys: 'There's blood on the hearse.' There was an incident along the way," Hollywoodlife quoted Father William. "The family was there. They were mourning somebody they loved who died so they didn't want to talk cops and robbers."

Police has arrested Gai Scott and had charged him with various charges including armed assault and intent to murder. He is scheduled to appear in Plymouth District Court on Monday.

The Duxbury Police Department released an official statement  regarding the rapper's death, which said: "Suspect in todays shooting in custody. No threat to public. DPD and MSP working multiple crime scenes. No further suspects sought."

After Benzino was shot the Twitter went abuzz with reactions from the fans.

DJHeat wrote at 4:53 AM on 30 Mar 2014

"Your own blood shooting you while trying to lay your mom's to rest. Damn. That Benzino situation is crazy."

-VinceCharles wrote at 7:43 AM on 30 Mar 2014

First the Migos shooting now Benzino hit up; Somebody better get their self right with God