Women who misuse laws meant to protect women do more harm than even the perpetrators for whom those laws were made in the first place. The recent case of a false rape complaint on an auto driver is one of the many unfortunate instances. The girl wanted to run away from the house and at the same time wanted to settle scores with the auto rickshaw driver due to previous enmity.

child abuse
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Rachakonda police has cracked open the case that had been gaining a lot of traction on social media since past week. The college student's claims of being kidnapped and raped in Medchal-Malkajgiri district of Telangana turned out to be untrue and fabricated. "Based on technical evidence, the Rachakonda Police has cracked the sensational BPharmacy student kidnap case that occurred under the limits of Keesaraps, which turned out to be false and fake," the Rachakonda police posted on their social media handle.

What did not happen

On February 10, at 6.29 p.m, Keesara police station received a call from RL Nagar informing about an auto rickshaw driver kidnapping a girl student. On receiving the information, the police inspector J. Narender Goud rushed to meet the student's parents. They told him their girl, a 19-year-old BPharmacy student, alighted from a college bus and boarded the auto-rickshaw at Rampally crossroad. After a few minutes the girl calls her mother informing her that the auto driver did not stop at RL Nagar and was driving at high speed despite her cries. Later, conveniently the mobile went out of reach.

The hunt begins

Then the search begins. All police stations are alerted and checking of vehicles begins. Finally the girl is traced near an isolated place at Bethel Church. After recording the girl's statement, the police filed a complaint under Section 365 of IPC.

Now the search for the auto-driver begins. With help from auto-unions and recordings collected from CCTV footage at all the cross roads. Quite naturally, the dots didn't connect. On questioning, the investigative teams further noticed discrepancies in the girl's statement. Finally, she confessed to misleading her parents. As she wanted to leave the house due to family issues, this whole episode of getting kidnapped was staged.

What actually happened

Mahesh IPS
Mahesh Bhagwath

The 'victim' got down from the auto at the next stop, walked for some distance and then boarded another auto, before sending her location to the police. At 7.50 p.m the girl herself shared the location with the police after fear of being caught.

Addressing the media, Police Commissioner Mahesh Bhagwath said, "Our investigations revealed that the girl had concocted a similar kidnap story about six months back as well." The applaud coming the way of Rachakonda police and brick bats being showered on the BPharmacy student were but natural. Is it today's generation to be blamed or the way they have been brought up?