Fan-favourite rap reality show "The Rap Game" premiered on Friday, July 22 and the world got to see seven amazing rappers. Episode 2, which is consistent with the Season 2 theme of representing your city, will see the kids getting a taste of their coaching from Jermaine Dupri and his celebrity friends.

According to the synopsis for the upcoming episode, titled "Rep Your City," the pressure has already hit the contestants. While two parents come head to head against each other at the wake of the competition, one young rapper will be seen struggling to match his/her counterparts.

As fans of "The Rap Game" know, it is quite easy for the parents and guardians to let the pressure of making their ward succeed in the game, get into their head. Last season was no different, especially in the case of Lil Niqo's mother. Over time, however, the parents will hopefully learn to put their disputes aside and try to encourage their respective child rapper to succeed.

While the rappers and their parents' try to match up to the tough competition, two celebrities will be joining them to offer support and inspire. Dupri began the show with Snoop Dogg in the previously aired "Who's Hungry." For episode 2, he is bringing Nelly and Monica.

Here is the official synopsis for Season 2 episode 2 of "The Rap Game"

Nelly and Monica join Jermaine Dupri as he challenges the five rappers to write and record a rap about their city. Two parents come head to head, while one young rapper struggles to stay afloat.