Prashanth Varma's film Rakshas

Ranveer Singh was set to star in the movie Rakshas directed by Prashanth Varma. However, the project has now been shelved. Both Ranveer and the filmmakers have confirmed that the film will not proceed as planned but they expressed hope for future collaborations.

In the statement released, Ranveer praised Prasanth Varma, saying, "Prashanth is a very special talent. We met and explored the idea of a film together. Hopefully, we will collaborate on something exciting in the future." Prasanth Varma echoed this sentiment, lauding Ranveer's unparalleled energy and skill. The director's statement read, "Ranveer's energy and talent is rare to find. We shall manifest our forces combining soon sometime in the future."The decision to halt the project was mutual with both sides agreeing that while they had good intentions sometimes things don't work out as planned.

Ranveer Singh

Reports emerged that Ranveer exited the project due to creative differences. He had travelled to Hyderabad in April for a photo shoot to announce the film. Despite preparations, the official announcement was delayed. Previously, a trustworthy source said "Ranveer left the project three days after a shoot with Prasanth Varma. Initially, Ranveer showed great interest in Rakshas persuading Prashanth to prioritize it over his other projects. Prashanth who planned to start another Telugu project after Hanu-Man postponed it due to Ranveer's enthusiasm."

Prashanth Varma

On the other hand, Prashanth Varma recently confirmed that Ranveer came to his office with his entourage for a look test for Rakshas. He said, "Yes, Ranveer Singh has his style. He came to the office with a whole caravan. But the way of working in the South is different. Here everyone works as a team. No one ever tries to impose any kind of authority on anyone."