There are a lot of social issues we rarely discuss in the country. We may come across it, but rarely do we pick up the baton and stand up for it. Ranveer Singh took on a cause earlier today, and it's for the Indian Sign Language. 

Ranveer Singh is pitching for the government to amend the policy on Indian Sign Language and make it India's 23rd official language. The move comes as Spitfire dropped his single Vartalap on his EP Paathshala

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh joins petition to make ISL India's 23rd official language

Today rapper/poet Spitfire dropped a sign language video Vartalap, a track from his 4 track EP Paathshala. The poet found support in Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh who also shared the track in his latest Instagram video. He not only wrote about the video he also wrote about the cause behind it, "This is our first sign language video on @ntnmshra's track '#Vartalap' with the hope that the track will trigger more conversations related to making Indian Sign Language the 23rd official language of India. Do give it a listen and we hope you like it."

The EP is backed by Ranveer's own label IncInk. He has been a passionate supporter of rap and music for a while. The Bollywood actor is also looking to sign a petition for the cause, Ranveer says, "We created IncInk as a platform to promote inclusivity through art, hence the name 'IncInk'. Through this endeavour of ours, we're lending support to the cause of making Indian Sign Language the 23rd official language of India. I will be signing the official petition filed by National Association of the Deaf (NAD) India with support from the 'Access Mantra Foundation', who are working tirelessly to make this a reality."

He urged his fans and followers to come out and support the petition and the cause as well. Ranveer is hoping to drive awareness and extend the reach of the conversation. The NAD petition on has so far received over 44,000 signatures with a goal of 50,000. Even though the deaf constitutes a population of 18 million in India, they happen to be a community with one of the least amount of opportunities. The amendment will be a huge step towards the inclusion of the community in Indian society.