Ranveer Ching Returns
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The makers of "Ranveer Ching Returns" have released the short movie. Starring Ranveer Singh in the titular role, it is a Rohit Shetty film that presents the actor in a never-seen-before avatar.

The trailer of "Ranveer Ching Returns" had showed a devastated world where there are no rules and commoners fight for survival. The world is running out of food and there is only one man who could save them. Then came Ranveer's character with much attitude, yet funny-looking get-up.

Now the makers have released the full film and it promotes "Indian Chinese" food. Although the movie was presented in the trailer as a serious action film, Rohit Shetty had made sure that the viewers can understand the inner comedy in the film.

Since then, fans have been eagerly waiting to know what the movie is all about. Also, there was suspense around who will play Ranveer's mother in the film. It was reported that a well known star will be seen as Ranveer Ching's mother named Maa Ching and now it seems that Ranveer himself will portray the character. It also has some funny lines that will tickle your funny bones.

The 5 minute long video, shows Ranveer romancing with Tamannaah, fighting goons and also first time appears in the character of a female. Check the Rohit Shetty film "Ranveer Ching Returns" here:

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