Kiccha Sudeep's latest venture "Ranna" has everything that the family audience likes to see in films. The movie is backed with a good story that is loaded with the required number of emotional and comedy scenes, making it a complete entertainer.

To tell the story in a line, the hero is assigned to fix the broken relationship of a father-daughter duo and how he does is the riveting part of "Ranna". Billionaire Bhargava comes to India to repair the relationship between his grandfather, played by Prakash Raj, and aunt, played by Madhoo.

'Ranna' Movie Review
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Madhoo and her family, husband Devaraj and daughters Haripriya and Rachita Ram, stay in India. She has cut off all ties with her father and his family. The aging father wants to resolve the issue and see her before breathing his last. Hence, his grandson, who is born with a silver spoon, comes to Bengaluru. What happens next is the interesting part of the movie.

"Ranna" has a standard template of a family drama. The progress of the story is smooth and there is hardly any boring moment in the first half. The entertainment quotient is high and even the clich├ęd comedy scenes between Sudeep and Chikanna are enjoyable.

The second half is quite dragging and extraneous scenes have hit the pace of the movie. Though Sadhu Kokila's sequences are delightful to watch, his characterisation does not sync well with the narration. And the climax also has been wrapped up in a hurry.

Leaving the flaws aside, "Ranna" has some well-written and hilarious lines, which broke the funny bones of the audience. It is rich and Sudeep's presence takes the movie altogether to a new level. His performance is the biggest highlight of the movie. His characterisation is good and action and comedy sequences are noteworthy. Rachita Ram is a treat to watch in her limited presence and Haripriya has given a decent performance.

Madhoo has not lost her charm even after two decades and she impresses with her brilliant acting skills. Chikanna seems to be stepping into the shoes of Sharan, who has now become a hero. Sadhu Kokila, as always, steals the show; while Prakash Raj, Avinash and others have done justice to their roles.

Last but not least, a suggestion has to be given for Nanda Kishore, who shot to fame with his debut movie "Victory", that he has talent and those who have it should not opt for remake films. V Harikrishna's music is good, Sudhakar Raj's cinematography is impressive and KM Prakash's editing is not up to the mark.

Verdict: "Ranna" is neither a rare gem nor an ordinary jewel.

Rating: 2.5R