Director Aashiq Abu's latest film "Rani Padmini", starring Manju Warrier and Rima Kallingal was released on Friday, 23 October. It has been receiving positive responses from critics and audiences alike.

The film revolves around two female characters, Rani and Padmini, who are on their way to the Himalayas. The incidents that happen during their trip form the crux of "Rani Padmini".

The film also has Jinu Joseph, Praveen Jain, Sajitha Madathil, Sreenath Bhasi, Sana Althaf, Soubin Shahir, Kunchan, Ambika Mohan, Dileesh Pothan, Binu Pappu, Rajitha Madhu and Hareesh Khanna in significant roles.

Check out the critics review roundup below:

Lensmen Review

Among the films she did in this second innings, Rani Padmini has the most cheerful Manju Warrier. As the movie progressed, Manju's performance gradually became an effortless one. Rima Kallingal looked perfect to play that part. The tomboyish feel and the roughness due to the loneliness were portrayed nicely by Rima. The minimal verbal style was also impressive. The cinematography from Madhu Neelakandan was exquisite. Tracks were wonderful and the BGM was really in sync with the mood. The edits were also sharp. On the whole Rani Padmini is a captivating experience that stays in your mind for having a progressive thought. It is not the typical entertainer stuff. But it's a film with less fakeness and more heart.


Aashiq Abu makes a good comeback after a disastrous box office result for Gangster. Syam Pushkaran is the script writer here and his screenplay is an exciting one providing a novel experience for our eyes. Cinematography is brilliant helped by the picturesque locations as nature plays a big part in the movie. Editing is not bad while Bijipal has done a brilliant job on the music side. The title song was a homely and a lovable one. Sound design is another notable area that has been done in an apt way. Overall with good visuals narrating an adventurous and bold journey of two women characters, Aashiq Abu's Rani Padmini is a movie providing wholesome entertainment in a different form. Good movie with no masalas, less in content and high in visual beauty.

Onlookers Media

The only negative was that the characterisation of Manju Warrier is following the same cliché which she is doing after her come back. Biji Pal's music and Madhu Neelakandan's DOP had become the soul of the film and it both raised the standard and aesthetic experience the film gives to another level. 

Rani Padmini is a beautiful film with its great visuals, narration and the freshness it brings to you after you watch the film. Even though many have difference of opinion regarding the policy of women liberation it put forward, you can't ignore the honesty with which it is presented and as a film it is enjoyable to the core.