Rani mukherjees’s AIYYAA has several reasons to get the silver lightFacebook

Rani Mukherjee and South actor Prithviraj Sukumaran's upcoming film "AIYYAA" has been making the headlines since the inception of its story idea. Adding to this is  Rani’s statement that she liked 'kaale ladke' which hinted a tone of racism.

"When we talk in English, don't we say that 'Oh, my ideal guy has to be tall, dark and handsome? Tab toh kaafi sophisticated lagta hai sabko (That time everyone feels very sophisticated). Now in Hindi if we say gora aur kaala then people accuse us of racism," she said.

"It is not a problem with the language. It is a problem with those people who are perceiving things in the way it suits them,” Rani Mukherjee shot back at the racism accusation, according to Yahoo India.

Meanwhile, the movie is already catching up in the south and is Sukumaran's debut film in Bollywood. The Malayalam actor is the latest to join the six-pack star league, and will show off his new look in "AIYYAA".

"Yes, I have got six pack abs for this film. Director Sachin Kundalkar gave me this brief that I would have two- sided scenes. In the scenes of the film I play this character Surya...he is the most unassuming kind of a guy and who does not care how he turns out. And in the songs Surya is the object of Meenakshi's (Rani's character) fantasy...he is her object of desire," Prithviraj said, at a promotional event.

The film revolves around the the life of a Maharashtrian girl Meenakshi played by Rani, who develops a crush on a Malayali boy played by Prithviraj. For the first time, Rani will be seen belly-dancing to a hot number.

"'Aag Bai Halla Machae Re' song will come out in two weeks. Sachin wanted to talk about a woman's fantasy and how she lusts for a man. Choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant added her touch to this song by asking me to learn belly dance for it," Rani said.

The first trailer of the movie was launched on Thursday. The song "Dreamum Wakeuppam" in the film will see Rani as a traditional south-Indian girl. The song was produced keeping in mind the southern culture and the fans. "AIYYAA" will hit the screens on Oct 12.