Rangoli Chandel's tweets have become a daily dose of entertainment. As she slowly puts news to shame, the fiery Twitter user found a new target. This time moving away from the mainstream she set her sights on Twinkle Khanna. 

Kangana's sister ripped at Twinkle Khanna's latest blog, completely undoing the impact of the author's pun with one tweet. 

Rangoli Chandel and Twinkle Khanna
@Rangoli_A on Twitter and @twinklerkhanna on Instagram

Rangoli Chandel asks Twinkle Khanna about her obsession with P****

Kangana's sister and often her spokesperson Rangoli Chandel managed to set fire to Twitter once more. In her latest tweet, she called out Twinkle Khanna on her latest blog and the pun she used in it. 

It started with Twinkle Khanna posting about the piece of writing and the pun in question.

In her piece, Twinkle Khanna writes, "Modiji introduced the president of the United States as India's friend 'Dolund Trump'... I believe that Modiji was, in fact, paying him the highest compliment...proving that Trump is, in fact, so manly that while ordinary men are content with one, he has two tools of glorious manhood. Trump returned the compliment by greeting Indians with a 'NaMoste'.

Chancing upon the tweet, Rangoli Chandel didn't let it slide. She responded with, "Ma'am your obsession with p****, t******** so great never read any of your blogs without these words now you managed to find l**d and Donald also, kya baat hai, shaadi ke much saalon ke baad aisa ho jata hai kya? Har jagah dekhne lagta hai kya?"

With that tweet and a bit of a Mic Drop moment, she left the tweet there. Now we wonder, will Twinkle Khanna address this and put Rangoli's curiosity to rest?