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After teasing the fans with posts like "Just 5 hours to go to watch Raja Ravi Varma come alive in the #RangRasiyaTeaser, starring Randeep Hooda & Nandana Sen", on FaceBook and Twitter, the trailer for one of the most awaited movies for this Diwali, "Rang Rasiya" has been released.

The movie is written and directed by acclaimed Ketan Mehta of "Bhavni Bhavai", "Mirch Masala" and "Mangal Pandey" fame. The period drama brings together two of the most extremely talented actors of Indian cinema for the first time: Hooda as the historic Indian painter Raja Ravi Varma and Sen as his sensuous muse Sugandha.

"Rang Rasiya" is based on the Marathi novel "Raja Ravi Varma" by award-winning novelist Ranjit Desai. More than a century ago, Ravi Varma dared to defy convention and visualised god as well as goddesses on canvas and was condemned for doing so. The movie depicts the extraordinary life of the painter and his determination in following his passion despite social pressures and legal battles.

Lead actor Hooda released the trailer on his Twitter account with the post: "Raja Ravi Varma gave face to our gods, sari as our national garment and was the guru of the father of Indian cinema.." and then posted it once again, "The man behind the painter who got art out of the palaces to common people and got persecuted for it @RangRasiyaFilm"

Sen too promoted the trailer with the post: "Hi, All! I'm thinking abt Colors. Courage. Consequences. And Charisma. Watch http://bit.ly/RangRasiya-Teaser ... Tell me what YOU think! @RangRasiyaFilm"

The trailer begins with a judge telling Ravi Varma that he has been charged on accounts of vulgarity and hurting the sentiments of the public. The judge asks him if he accepts these charges to which Ravi Varma replies no.

The focus then shifts to the moments of his life, which is filled with art, beauty and nature, a life he was passionate about. The extraordinarily effeminately beautiful Sugandha asks him during one of these moments, "Are you just a painter and me a subject for your art?"

The very foundation of Ravi Varma's art and life has been explained simply and beautifully: "I am a small, selfish, greedy artist, who wants to win over the world... The meaning of life is (or has to be) to be more beautiful than art"

Since this "colour of passion" primarily focuses on the time Ravi Varma spent with Sugandha, the trailer has many aeshetically directed sexually intimate and romantic scenes. Against the backdrop of Sanddesh Shandilya's brilliant music, the aesthetics, love, violence, misunderstanding and Ravi Varma's life has been depicted beautifully.

Presented by Jayantilal Gada (Pen Movies), the movie's promotion is already in full swing, with a contest for the fans and a chance to win tickets for Akshay Kumar's latest "Entertainment."

Contest questions included: Who is the lead actor in 'Rang Rasiya'?, Who plays Raja Ravi Varma's muse in the movie?, Who is the director of 'Rang Rasiya'?, What is Randeep Hooda's profession in the movie?, Describe the #RangRasiyaTeaser in one word, what is the name of the movie that we are talking about? and so on.

"Rang Rasiya" contest winners will be announced on 9 August and the movie will hit the theatres on 23 October 2014.