Randy Tobing
Randy Tobing

Randy Tobing is one of the most renowned bloggers and influencers based out of Indonesia. He has made his name despite being from a country where blogging was not that popular. He has been breaking barriers and has proved that passion can take you to places if you have a steady goal and a dream to achieve.

As he grew up, he was more influenced by Western culture. His great art of work is nothing but inspiration from his childhood experiences. Randy has been a big fashion and lifestyle lover. His love turned into a passion and that is when he came up with his own online brand named 'Apostrophe Comma' which initially sold sneakers and then expanded by selling several fashion and lifestyle products. The brand got a thumbs up from the people and later the brand collaborated with many celebrities and Instagram influencers which caught everyone's eye.

Talking about his journey as a blogger, Randy Tobing said, "Coming from the third world country is not an excuse. You can sell anything with branding, even a used plastic bag. Nowadays, if you have an internet connection, a laptop, and a smartphone, you can make a million dollars despite being a student in school." Moreover, he even travelled as a business consultant to make people aware of the online business and why manufacturers and retailers must understand the power of Instagram and Facebook to boost their respective brands.

With gaining a lot of momentum, Randy came up with 'HYPE ON HYPE', his another brand which not only captured everyone's attention within Hypebeast community but also left the customers impressed with his impeccable art of designs.

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