Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif's relationship has reportedly suffered a crack and the reason is rumoured to be the actor's closesness to Deepika Padukone.

It has been reported that Ranbir and Katrina's live-in relationship is likely to end as differences between the two have grown up owing to Ranbir's PDA for Deepika during the promotions of "Tamasha".

"It is not working out between them (Ranbir and Deepika). They have had differences since Ranbir went on a major publicity drive with Deepika Padukone for Tamasha," 9XE.com quoted a source as saying.

The source also hinted at a possibility of Ranbir and Deepika reviving their love story. Earlier in an interview with GQ, Katrina expressed her unhappiness on Ranbir working with his former girlfriend Deepika.

"I can't enforce my will on the people in my life. Their choices are their own. I may not be happy with them but I hope that as they mature or as they evolve, their choices will change," said Katrina when asked to comment on her boyfriend working with Deepika.

Ranbir had reportedly moved out of his parents' house and had been living under one roof with Katrina in Bandra since 2014 end.

While fans have been eagerly waiting for Ranbir and Katrina to announce their marriage date, this rumour of their possible break up will certainly be a shocker.