Ramiz King and Humayoon shams Khan
Ramiz King and Humayoon shams Khan

Ramiz says has that he has garnered many fans in Pakistan through MTV India and has had a following in Kabul from the beginning. Ramiz says he is Best friends with Humayoon Shams Khan, who is also an actor. The two are influencers and content creators of their birth Nation.

Ramiz says he grew up in Australia watching Bollywood and Indian TV and has had a life long goal to be involved in the Indian media. What he loves is the creativity and teamwork they put in making shows or films. Ramiz's Great-great grandma is Indian and that's where he gets his connection to India.

Ramiz says he has travelled 10 times to India. He says studied and understood the culture by hanging out with the Slum kids and families. He first came to India in 2014. Ramiz says he has two successful ventures, Mim Ra Studios which makes Ads and iWear Vibe which is into Sunglasses.

Ramiz claims he has produced two Afghan shows and worked in 3 Bollywood TV shows counting his soon to be announced third show too. Ramiz king says since age 6 used to love the humble living and would cry to eat on a Thali as he'd see in TV and would want to eat Dal Chawal and from here his fascination with India starts as he starts living their culture abroad.

Ramiz says he is going to be the next host of Bachashem (Afghan big brother) and they're currently in making. Ramiz is working to make content understood by Afghans and Indians as with Afghans most know Hindi and with Indians most use afghan words in their music so he aims to create a middle for all the audience to enjoy. RAMIZ is an aspiring Vegetarian and dislikes meat. Ramiz favourite food is Indian and the favourite festival is Holi.

Ramiz says he has many celebrities and normal friends in India but in 2014 he would be depressed and saddened as he'd travel here and would have no friends except the slum kids and has always wanted to do TV just so he has a new network of friends which has worked out recently as after Ace of space 2 instead of gaining enemies RAMIZ managed to be friends with all of them and they're all following him today. Ramiz claims his next move of the show is going to be Splitsvilla.