Baba Ramdev blessing one of his followers
Yoga guru Baba Ramdev blessing one of his followersOfficial Twitter

Calling the allegations of abductions against him and his brother 'baseless', Yoga guru Baba Ramdev lambasted the Congress-led government for tarnishing his image by creating another controversy.

On Monday, Uttarakhand police lodged a case against Baba Ramdev's brother Rambharat and one of his close aides Naresh Malik for kidnapping and assaulting a man.

"Since last night there is a headline on television channels accusing me and my brother of abduction. These are all false and baseless allegations against me. This is a conspiracy by the Congress government, both at the Centre and in Uttarakhand, to defame me," the yoga guru criticized the Central leadership during a press conference in Indore.

On his official Twitter account Ramdev alleged that the Indian democracy and the Constitution have been repeatedly compromised by the Congress-led UPA government.

"If I am guilty do not support me. My expedition will continue. Democracy and constitution have been murdered in this country. But my confidence remains undeterred. They (Congress) are trying to tarnish my image," he tweeted.

Ramdev accused the Gandhi families of targeting Indian seers. "Seers are being routinely defamed by the Congress government."

He added, "I am being portrayed as a criminal. They are trying to infiltrate sex racketeers into the Patanjali Ashram, they are then caught and people say that Baba is a sex offender."

Latest Reactions on Twitter

Rashid Alvi, Congress leader: "Baba Ramdev speaks something and does something else. His real face is now in front of the whole nation," he told ANI.

Digvijaya Singh, Congress Spokesperson: "How come I or Congress is involved in this; he (Ramdev) should answer to the police," he said.

@mniROHIT: "If dat asaram is fraud, it doesn't mean every guru is fraud or criminal. Blaming Baba Ramdev is totally a conspiracy against him!"

‏@jav_ash: "Will someone now please kidnap #Baba #Ramdev ? I hate it when a spiritual leader gets into politics for personal gains..Please stick to YOGA"

‏@kaiminlun: "ha ha, lets hope he is not defending rapists asaram and his son. Ramdev must concentrate only on yoga.."

‏@Am8reesh: "Baba Ramdev never makes an effective response to purported allegations of INC, SoniaGandhi & her family."

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