Rambo: The Video Game
Rambo: The Video Game gets a new trailer.Facebook

Sylvester Stallone is all set to return as the iconic one-man army Rambo. However, its not on the big screen that he is returning but as a controllable figure on gaming consoles. A new trailer for Rambo: The Video Game has been released and this is a much more explosive than the one released earlier.

Piotr Latocha, producer at Teyon, posted on PlayStation blog, describing the troubles taken by the company during the last 18 months to make the game an authentic Rambo experience. He also explained the challenges the company faced in combining all the three movies of the Rambo series: "First Blood," "Rambo - First Blood Part 2" and "Rambo 3."

Latocha stressed on the authenticity of the game and its relation to the movies. The game features original on-set recordings from John Rambo (Stallone) and Col. Samuel Trautman (Richard Crenna), making the listeners go nostalgic. The game also includes "extracts from the classic movie OSTs to ensure maximum authenticity," he said.

Further, the game incorporates as many classic Rambo action set-pieces as possible; like the famous Hope Police Station shooting with the M60 HMG in "First Blood," termination of Lieutenant Tay using an explosive bow in "Rambo: First Blood Part 2" and taking down a HIND (a dual-role chopper) by ramming a tank in "Rambo 3."

"We want Rambo The Video Game to give players the chance to take-on the classic scenes from the motion-picture trilogy through John Rambo's eyes. And just as John Rambo was an expert infiltrator - not every mission will be based around pure shooting skills: silent bow takedowns and perfectly timed stealth (lethal or nonlethal) eliminations will be required too," Latocha's post said.

Latocha also explained the gameplay by saying it is a combination of "classic arcade-heritage of a rail-shooter with a contemporary graphics engine" which involves taking cover to avoid enemy fire, switching weapons and tackling aggressive enemies.

The weapons in the game will consist of a wide range of knives, SMGs, LMGS, grenades and different kinds of arrow-tips. There will be 16 missions in the game.

Latocha added that the PlayStation 3 version of the game will be able to support PlayStation Move controller which will allow players to experience "every trigger pull, grenade-lob, knife swipe and bow-pull."

Gamers will be able to unlock unique skills and perks for the protagonist as the game progresses due to experience points (XP) and levelling system in the Rambo: The Video Game.

Players who challenge themselves and take on the most dangerous missions using skills and perks will top the leaderboard, he wrote.

Latocha also noted that the game is still in development and works on the downloadable content (DLC) will only start after the completion of the game. The DLCs will explore other facets of the iconic character.

The game is already available for pre-order and some players will get exclusive pre-order figurines. The game will also be available on PC and Xbox 360, apart from PlayStation 3. He also added it will be released soon on PlayStation 3.

(YouTube Courtesy: Play Station3)