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"Ramanujan" directed by Gnana Rajashekaran opened in theatres with positive reviews. The film is set in 1900's British India and England and is the Tamil biopic based on the life of mathematical prodigy Srinivasa Ramanujan.

The film stars Abhinay Vaddi as Ramanujan, Bhama as his wife Janaki, Suhasini Manirathnam as Komalatammal, Ramanujan's strong-willed mother.

British stage and screen actor, Kevin McGowan plays Prof. Hardy. Other British actors in pivotal roles include Michael Liber as Littlewood, Richard Walsh as Sir Francis Spring, Cloudia Swan as Ms Bourne and Lizzie Bourne as Gertrude Hardy. Further, Indian actors such as Abbas, Nizalgal Ravi, Delhi Ganesh, Y.G.Mahendran and Sharath Babu have also been cast in significant roles.

"Ramanujan" goes through the personal and professional life of the mathematical prodigy and the attitude of society and academia towards a genius like him. The film also traces the early life of Ramanujan from the village of Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu to his days at Cambridge University, United Kingdom.

Critics have appreciated the director for his attempt and excellent performance by the actors, especially Abhinay Vaddi, Bhama and Suhasini Manirathnam.

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Gautaman Bhaskaran from Hindustan Times said, "The movie is a poignant look at the way a prodigy struggled and suffered in a penurious family, a mastermind whose mathematical wizardry invited ridicule and revulsion in far lesser mortals. Rajasekaran, who also scripted the film, takes us through a linear narrative to tell us about the intelligence of boy Ramanujan as he completely foxes his school master with a little insight into the importance of zero, and later about his frustration when he hits a wall in his quest to sink into, and shine, with numbers."

According to Indiaglitz, "Abhinay, the grandson of legendary actors Gemini Ganesan and Savitri gets a perfect launch pad and he will be remembered for this epic role in the future. Bhama did well as Ramanujam's wife. Her eyes do the talking for the most part. Suhasini as mom presented a matured performance, which got a grey tint to some extent. Sarath Babu, Delhi Ganesh, Y Gee Mahendra, Mano Bala, Abbas, Kiity Krishnamurthy and few other notables make their presence felt in whatever little time they get to do. The dubbing for Prof. Hardy is perfect, but the consistency is missing in other characters."

"Ramesh Vinayagam's carnatic songs and western themes are too good. Sunny Joseph's camera emits the true shades of Kumbakonam and London. Sakuntha Rajasekaran's costume work is authentic. The intentions of Rajasekaran should be appreciated for framing an inspirational personality for this generation, but the impact should have been much better."

Anupama Subramanian from Deccan Chronicle said, "The highlight is Rajasekharan's seamless work in detailing each and every frame of the movie and the enormous research that has gone into it is evident. The movie also gives us insight into religious beliefs, without hurting anyone's sentiments. He has also conveyed the message as how Ramanujan could not rise above the situations here and it would have been a different scenario in any other country."

According to Bharath VijayKumar of Movie Crow, "When viewed purely as an art form, the film has its fair flaws. The dubbing in Tamil to the British characters to ensure the film has its reach dilutes the realistic feel. The film is packed with small incidents and the seamless flow is actually missing. The scenes where the characters realize the genius man seem too rushed. For a docum drama the running time of close to three hours might not be conductive to reach the masses."