The Tamil biopic "Ramanujan" based on the life of mathematical prodigy Srinivasa Ramanujan, is all set to release on 11 July. The film, which is set in 1900's British India and England, is directed by award-winning director Gnana Rajasekaran of "Mogul Mul", "Bharati" and "Periyar" fame.

"Ramanujan" goes through the personal and professional life of the mathematical prodigy and the attitude of society and academia towards a genius like him. The film also traces the early life of Ramanujan from the village of Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu to his days at Cambridge University, United Kingdom.

"We shot at Cambridge for about two weeks. When the management came to know that we were making a film on Ramanujan, they were very helpful and we felt so touched by their hospitality. We shot in Ramanujan's room, in the library, canteen and everywhere he sat in the campus. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and most of the foreign actors showed lot of interest in the film as it was about Ramanujan," said Gnana Rajasekharan, the director of the film to Bangalore Mirror.

The film has been shot in various locations such as Kumbakonam (where Ramanujan was brought up and attended college), Namakkal (the place of Ramanujan's family deity), Madras (where Ramanujan worked at the Port Trust Office), Cambridge and London (where Ramanujan was finally recognised as a mathematician of the highest class).

Veteran actor Gemini Ganesan's grandson and Rekha's nephew, Abhinay Vaddi, dons the role of Ramanujan and award winning Malayali actress, Bhama, acts as Ramanujan's wife Janaki. The well acclaimed actress Suhasini Manirathnam will play an important role of Komalatammal, Ramanujan's strong-willed mother.

British stage and screen actor, Kevin McGowan, plays Prof. Hardy. Other British actors in pivotal roles include Michael Liber as Littlewood, Richard Walsh as Sir Francis Spring, Cloudia Swan as Ms Bourne and Lizzie Bourne as Gertrude Hardy. Further, Indian actors such as Abbas, Nizalgal Ravi, Delhi Ganesh, Y.G.Mahendran and Sharath Babu have also been cast in significant roles.

The film's music is composed by Ramesh Vinayakam, cinematography is handled by Sunny Joseph and editing is done by B.Lenin. "Ramanujan" is produced by Srivatsan Nadathur, Susanth Desai, Sharanyan Nadathur and Sindu Rajasekharan.