Mia Malkova in God Sex and Truth
Mia Malkova in God Sex and TruthTwitter

Ram Gopal Varma recently hogged the limelight with his latest film God, Sex and Truth (GST) starring popular adult star Mia Malkova. The film-maker is now all set to come up with God, Sex and Truth 2.

RGV took to Twitter to announce that considering the "awesome response", he will soon make God, Sex and Truth 2.

"Owing to the FANTASTICALLY AWESOME response to #GodSexTruth I am starting #GST2 very soon..May God Be With Me and GST Lovers," he tweeted.

The movie that was presented as "a philosophical treatise of Mia Malkova", included complete nudity, and that had triggered a lot of controversies. While some fans of Ram Gopal and Mia praised the film-maker's concept, most others slammed him calling it vulgar.

However, as expected, the video had received massive attention, which was evident from the Google search data revealed by Google Trends. Interestingly, Google search in India for Mia and God, Sex and Truth on the day of its release was more than Deepika Padukone and her film Padmaavat.

Ram Gopal had constantly been comparing Mia and Deepika's popularity as both the films had released on the same day. However, God, Sex and Truth was released only online, and hence it was not so surprising to see that search for the Mia's film was more on that day.

Mia Khalifa
Mia KhalifaTwitter/Mia Khalifa

People's craze to watch the video could be ascertained from the fact that the makers of God, Sex and Truth had to delay its release by a day as the site on which it was supposed to be released had crashed due to heavy traffic.

Meanwhile, as soon as RGV announced the making of God, Sex and Truth 2, his followers started asking if he will cast Mia again or someone else. Some even came up with suggestions and said that he could cast Mia Khalifa or Sunny Leone.