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Actress Rakul Preet Singh, who is waiting for the release of Nandha Gopalan Kumaran (NGK), wants the new government to 'stop a divide and rule' campaign.

NGK is a political action film written and directed by Selvaraghavan. The movie revolves around the story of a charismatic young man, who embarks on a political journey that brings about an unprecedented socio-political revolution. Suriya has played the titular role, while Rakul Preet Singh appears as his love interest.

NGK is set for its theatrical release on May 31 and along with Suriya, and Rakul Preet Singh is now busy with its promotions. In an interview, the actress revealed that politics is not her cup of tea, but she wants to bring about a change individually.

"A lot of my friends say that I put things into perspective and am very clear about things, but I don't think I can be in politics. I am very straightforward and not cut out for the drama. I want to bring about a change, which I want to do individually," Rakul Preet told Deccan Chronicle when asked whether she is cut out for the drama of politics.

Rakul Preet Singh in NGK
Rakul Preet Singh in NGKTwitter

Rakul Preet Singh is an actress with social awareness and often voices her opinions on current affairs on her Twitter page. When asked about her knowledge of politics, the actress told DC, "I have an idea what's happening around. But I feel very sad to some extent there's so much drama. It's become like a TV serial with its TRP ratings and so many people are fighting for it."

Talking about her expectations from the newly-elected government, Rakul Preet Singh said that it should work for the betterment of every state and it should stop divide and rule policy. She said, "Stop a divide and rule campaigning. The entire country is together and every state should get what they deserve and grow."