Rumours have been doing rounds on social media sites that Rakshit Shetty, who is busy with his latest movie Charlie 777, will marry none other than Ramya aka Divya Spandana. The speculation was probably floated by some YouTube channel.

Rakshit Shetty and Ramya Marriage Rumours
Rakshit Shetty and Ramya.Rakshit Shetty Facebook/Ramya Facebook

However, Rakshit Shetty's friend and actor-filmmaker Rishab Shetty has commented about the rumour. At a press meet of Charlie 777, he joked about the Rakshit-Ramya's marriage rumour, saying his friend is not tying the knot with the Sandalwood's Golden Girl.

"Rakshit is not marrying Ramya as reported by some YouTube channel," Rishab said as he media persons and guests broke into laughter.

Rakshit's Reaction
However, a few days ago, Rakshit Shetty too clarified that it is a baseless rumour.

"I have not met her till now," Rakshit said. However, he admitted that she was his crush. "Like many of her fans, I too had a crush on her during my college days," he claimed, accusing the media of creating "non-sense."

Charlie 777
Charlie 777.PR Handout

"Right from Ulidavaru Kandante, she has appreciated my work which is sweet of her," Shetty claimed.

The actor-filmmaker revealed that he had approached her for Ulidavaru Kandante, but she had rejected her as she had not understood the story. When asked whether he would like to work with her, Rakshit said that he has no plans to work with her in any of his upcoming movies.

However, Rakshit believes that Ramya commands a good market and is probably an actress who could pull the audience to theatres on her own. "Definitely, she should make her comeback to film," he ends.