Handcuffs Bhai Zoned Raksha Bandhan Rakhi
College going students consider bunking Raksha Bandhan for the fear of being trapped in the Bhai Zone [Representational Image] In Picture: Man in HandcuffsFlickr

Raksha Bandhan, the festival to express sibling love by tying the ceremonial thread, is celebrated in most parts of India. But little do people know that the trials and tribulations of life have taught frisky college-goers to bunk campus at all costs. Because the fear of being 'Bhaizoned' is at the top of their minds on this day.

Bhaizoned, as defined by urbanrodent on urban dictionary, translates to: Indian version of friendzone. Bhai (brother) + zone

Here is an example to explain the meaning of Bhaizone:
"Yaar! I thought she was interested in me, but she called me bhayya! Totally Bhaizoned."

There are two sub-classifications of "Bhaizoned" bros:

Listen to their sad stories to be scared straight:

  • The Universal Bhaizoned

"I don't mind being someone's Rakhi brother but it's not cool when you're the universal Rakhi brother. I think I'm never going to find a girl who would ever see me as something else apart from a brother!" Yashas Thimmaiah, a law student, was quoted as saying by the Hindu.

  • The Surprise Bhaizoned

"It feels great when you meet someone special and end up being really good friends. You secretly nurture the idea of asking her out. Unfortunately, in my case, the girl never once disclosed she was dating someone. In fact she would spend long hours on the phone with me every night, and last year, on Raksha Bandhan, she walks in to college with a guy we've never seen before whom she introduces as her boyfriend. And while I was still recovering from the shock, she started tying Rakhis for all the boys in our group, including me," Rakshith Simeon, a dentist was quoted saying to the Hindu.

The internet has taken the form of a sadistic jungle that mercilessly pokes fun at the archetype of those 'friend-zoned' or 'Bhai-zoned.

Here are the excerpts of lyrics to a viral video song made by Bollywood Gandu and produced by Culture Machine and Schitzengiggles Comedy.

"This is one song that I wrote
 When I didn't have someone to poke
 Every time that she would walk by
 The uncle next door would get a stroke

She met me right after she broke up
 I was ready to be her rebound back-up
 I held her hand and consoled her with wit
 Before I proposed she said her bit

She called me BHAIYA Aaaaaaa
 I wanna be her saiyaa Aaaaaa
 She called me BHAIYA Aaaaaaa
 Epic fail hoiya Aaaaa"

And if that's not enough, the most entertaining section is where people, both seriously and sarcastically, ask and answer the eternal question:

How to get out of the 'Friend zone' or, in this case, the 'Bhai Zone'?

The cheekiest answer arguably came in a video made on Bhai Zone by Sortedd, where college student Abeer said:

Interviewer: Have you ever been Bhai zoned?

Abeer: Look at me, I'm too pretty to be Bhai zoned. And even if I was per chance Bhai zoned. Bhen---- hi ban jao yaar.

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