The sweet and sour relationship between a brother and a sister is based on their unconditional love they share since childhood. A brother is the first person who becomes your friend. your secret-keeper from the beginning to end.

No matter both of them grow up as matured man and woman but still the relationship between them will remain the same. The way both love and argue with each other, will be doing the same when they will be in their 60s.

Today is Bhai Dooj, the day which is dedicated to this unconditional love of brothers and sisters. Here are 10 roles that a brother plays in his sister's life.


No matter your brother is elder or younger than you, he will always be alert regarding your security. He is protective and caring so that you don't get into trouble. He might not go with you on movies or hang out with you much, but he will get all the details of where you are going and with whom you will be out.


He knows each and every bit of your life. He is the person who is well aware of the reasons of your mood swings. You can hardly keep any secret from him. He has the details of your relationship status and what are your dark secrets but will keep his mouth shut in front of elders.

Best friend

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Brother Sister Unconditional LoveFacebook/Rakshabandhan

Yes, your brother is the first friend in your life. The bond that he shares with you is unconditional and unbreakable. He is the best friend who will have no demands and will be with you for the lifetime. He makes fun of you, go out with you and sometimes get jealous if somebody takes over his place in your life. But he still loves you.

Partner in crime

Eating ice cream secretly with him, breaking something while playing and then creatively placing it in the same manner, then promising each other not to tell mom dad – these little mischieves are always been done together. From breaking things to bunking classes, he is your partner in crime who will never leave you alone to bear any consequences.


Oh yeah! He is the saviour. If you get caught of doing something wrong he will definitely come to your rescue. Sometimes he will stand by your side and argue for your favour. He will save you from mom's beating and dad's scolding. And if you are in trouble somewhere, he is the first person on your call list.


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Brother can make you laughTwitter/@kourtjesster

He loves to irritate you, make fun of your pretty dress and will never say on your face that you are pretty. But he is the shoulder when you cry and do his level best to make you laugh. He knows to entertain you and deal with your mood. He is not ashamed of being a clown to just see you smile.


He is that poor brother who also has to become a victim of his sister. He has to undergo all those blackmails and have to bribe his sister to get his things done. He is the gift-giver to keep your mouth shut and you know to emotionally blackmail him to keep your secrets.


He makes life so easy sometimes. Whenever you want to fix your phone or any gadget, he is the doctor to approach. The perfect techie who will tell you which laptop to buy or which app to download, you are blindly dependable on him.


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Brother as your tutorFacebook/Sister Brother Relationship

Whether it is trigonometry or algebra, give him any scary equation he will solve for you. He becomes the teacher whenever you need help in studies, especially mathematics. He will guide you and pretends to be the strict teacher.


The relationship is worthless if you two don't fight. From little grudges to big WWF fights, you both have done all. Sometimes you are the experiment of his new Kung Fu moves. You will fight like you hate each other, but after sometime you can't bear the silence between you and him.