Kareena Kapoor
A screenshot of the song 'Chammak Challo.' the song features Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor.Chammak Challo Official Song

As the chart-buster song "Chammak Challo," from the upcoming film "Ra. One," picturized on the A-list Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor gains in popularity, the controversial item girl of Bollywood, Rakhi Sawant, challenges Kapoor saying that "Kareena is not a real item girl."

The Bollywood entertainment Web site "apunkachoice" quotes Sawant who claims to be the real Chammak Challo, "Main asli Chammak Challo hun, Kareena nahi."

"Chammak Challo" is a much-hyped song featuring Kapoor in a red sari and a backless blouse in "Ra.One."

Earlier, item girl Sawant had a grievance regarding the recent trend of Bollywood lead actresses to do item numbers in films as "encroachment on her territory."

"Today an actress plays the main lead, does a negative role, and even an item song to boot. I feel there should be space for everyone in the industry. I started my career with item songs so I can't become a heroine. But today heroines are becoming item girls," said the 32-year-old item girl to PTI.

Rakhi's disappointment and recent bitterness towards the Bollywood A-list actress is all due to the scarce item number "offers" for her.

"As actresses are doing item songs, I am getting fewer offers. I am feeling bad... few item songs are coming my way. I don't like this," she said.

The super-hero film "Ra.One" is directed by Anubhav Sinha and is produced by Shah Rukh Khan's wife Gauri Khan.

The film is scheduled for release on Oct. 26, 2011.