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In almost all horror-comedy films, evil spirits targeting the heroine is quite common. The hero always comes out as the saviour. 

Raju Gari Gadhi 3 has a similar storyline but with a different concept, which has succeeded in impressing the audience partially. Here is the detailed review of Raju Gari Gadhi 3. 

The third part of Raju Gari Gadhi franchise hit the screens on Friday and the horror-comedy film has raised expectations among the audience. Directed by Ohmkar, the film has Ashwin Babu and Avika Gor in the lead roles.

Ashwin, an auto driver by profession is someone who keeps creating ruckus over every silly issue in the colony he lives. In the same colony lives Maya (Avika Gor) who is the most beautiful lady in the locality.

The youngsters who have proposed Avika have been attacked by an evil spirit. So to get rid of Ashwin, the residents of the colony form a trap to make Ashwin fall in love with Maya. When he does, a lot of strange things take place in Ashwin's life and what happens after that is something you have to watch on the big screen.

Raju Gari Gadhi 3
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The unique selling point of the film lies within the humour that has been generated by the cast of the film. Unlike the second part of the franchise, Ohmkar focused more on fun and entertainment this time.

The highlight of the film is the 20-minute hilarious comedy episode which takes place in the bungalow. Ashwin has performed well in this part when compared to the earlier ones. There are some good and peppy numbers for which he has danced well. Ohmkar has made sure that he elevates his brother Ashwin in every possible way. 

Brahmaji, Dhanraj and Ali have reprised their comedy roles really well. Ajay Ghosh and Oorvashi's scenes have generated good amount of comedy. Prabhas Seenu, Hari Teja, and Getup Seenu, as colony residents have done good job.

Chota K Naidu's camera work is amazing and it has elevated horror scenes really well. Music isn't that great but the Background Music elevates the intensity of the horror scenes.

On the whole, the film is worth giving a watch this weekend, in case you want to enjoy some spooky scenes and laugh wholeheartedly as well.